The Timeline

  • Register for the hackathon!

  • Come to the BeMyApp Factory Hackathon. Build a connected object with your team over the weekend. If your team wins, you get a chance to start developing your product right away in the BeMyApp Factory.

  • Work with the BeMyApp Factory and our partners. You will get help from a product design team, BeMyApp, and other partners in order to develop your product, strengthen your story and launch a great campaign! Don’t worry, your team will hold complete ownership of your product!

  • Launch your crowdfunding campaign.

The Action Plan

Idea generators pitch Friday night, the audience votes on the best ideas, teams form and the competition begins!


Design, code and build whatever device you want; basically, get here, and build cool stuff. This is your chance to play around and make things without constraints. Think outside the box!

The Participants

  • idee


    Is your head full of “what if” ideas, and you’re ready to form a team and turn them into the real deal? Come and pitch on Friday!

  • design


    Are you ready to dive into a weekend of coding to create a rad connected device? Vote on the ideas you like and then code away!

  • dev


    Do you have an eye for aesthetics and bringing the sexy, and you want to channel that into your team’s app? Select the best ideas and join a team!

  • pouvoirs


    You got skills in marketing, presenting, networking, and you want to bring your team to a win? Bring your super powers on board!


  • Ben Jacobs

    #1 - Ben Jacobs

    Ben Jacobs is CEO and Co-Founder of Whistle, a software and hardware company building products to help add healthy, happy years to pets’ lives. Ben co-founded Whistle as Entrepreneur in Residence at DCM Ventures, combining his personal love of animals with his academic and professional experience.

    Prior to his time at DCM, he worked with clients in the pet and technology industries at Bain & Company. Ben holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale University with a focus on China, which culminated in research at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Lessons from Bain to Beijing influenced the founding of Whistle.

  • Ben Bateman

    #2 - Ben Bateman

    Ben Bateman is a Campaign Specialist at Indiegogo, where he focuses on developing strategies and tactics to help campaigns more effectively raise funds, and has worked with some of Indiegogo's largest campaigns including the Ubuntu Edge, Canary, Scanadu Scout, and many more.

  • Jeremy Blum

    #3 - Jeremy Blum

    Jeremy Blum is a professional hardware hacker at Google [x], where he designs electronics for Google Glass. He’s also the author of “Exploring Arduino,” a successful book that uses the popular open-source Arduino platform to teach electrical engineering and human-computer interaction design. Jeremy has taught electrical engineering to millions of people in every country (plus Antarctica) via YouTube videos, his book, and an ever-growing social media footprint. Jeremy has designed 3D-printer electronics for MakerBot, built a solar-powered house, assembled robotic construction workers, and invented novel methods for controlling prosthetic arms, among many other things. Jeremy chronicles all his endeavors at

  • Miguel Piedrahita

    #4 - Miguel Piedrahita

    Miguel Piedrahita is a founding partner at 219 Design, a Silicon Valley-based product development consultancy. Since its inception in 2004, 219 Design has focused on offering industry-leading, innovative engineering services to its clients.

    During his tenure at 219 Design, Miguel has led dozens of engineering projects for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies. He has worked on products in the automotive, consumer, medical, and industrial sectors. Miguel strives to help his clients by bringing more than just technical expertise; he also aims to see the big picture of his clients’ business.

    Miguel holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from UC Davis (B.S.) and Stanford University (M.S.).

  • Signe Brewster

    #2 - Signe Brewster

    Signe Brewster (@signejb) is a reporter at Gigaom, where she covers materials science, robotics, 3D printing, space, health and augmented reality. She is an alum of Wired, CERN and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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  • techshop
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  • sandbox suites
  • sparks
  • 219 Design
  • mbientlab
  • indie gogo
  • fictiv
  • estimote
  • onyx beacon
  • mema
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